Weight is my most asked for treatment, next to anxiety and is very easy. What easy? you ask Yes easy I reply.

I offer several ways in which to lose weight and all of them include changing the programs of your mind so that you eat normally and not through emotion.  They include, Basic weight loss, Gastric Bypass weight loss and now the new Gastric Sleeve procedure.


If we are overweight, we ususally go on a 'diet'.  It can work well to start with, then we gain the weight we have lost and then put more on as well.  It is a classic yo yo diet.  The reason for this is that although you have been very good and kept to a 'diet', your subconcious has other ideas.  It is not logical, and runs programs you have created in your past that it thinks you want.  Therefore it matters not, whether you diet or not, as your subconcious will override all your efforts.  Your subconcious is about 85% of your mind and therefore wins every time.  What can I do then? you ask.  Well, change the programs of your subconcious mind is the answer.  Come to me and together we can find the programs that are stopping you losing weight and keeping it off, and your 'diet' will not only be succesful, it will last.


All that is needed is a two hour session and then further sessions of about an hour.  These could be by ‘phone or Skype should you live too far away, (I have clients in USA, Canada, Norway, Austria, Australia and New Zealand) and also listen to a recording every day for 90 days. The recording is just over half an hour long and you can listen to it while asleep, so there can be no reason or excuse of lack of time he he.


Several therapists use Gastric Band in the mind however I created and use Gastric Bypass and the new Gastric Sleeve weight loss operation, still in your mind. This sleeve operation sews thread in your stomach using an endoscope (something that looks inside either through your bottom or mouth) and this one comes with a sewing machine attached tightening your stomach so it ends up small and looking the shape of a sleeve. This operation can be reversed when you have lost the weight needed.  Both of these operations in your mind, stop you craving sweet and fatty foods.  A wonderful help when you want to lose weight!


Together with the therapy you have with me, rewriting your mind so you eat ‘like a slim person’ whichever therapy you choose with me you will lose weight and keep it off.  Should you choose either the Gastric Bypass or Gastric Sleeve procedures they reduce, well actually illiminate the risks involved with an anaesthetic and other issues if you had the operation in a normal hospital. 

Sometimes these procedures in hospital do not work, they may work for a short time, but not forever. Although I do not offer a guarantee, as long as you want to change we can do this together. I offer a twelve month period, after you have become the person you want to be, when you can come back to me at no additional cost. Anyone who has used a diet and lost weight, then put it back on plus some more, will understand how helpful this is. Also, from my point of view, if I did not help people permanently, then I would not have time for new clients because I would be seeing old clients all the time.


Another bonus is that the cost of a Gastric Sleeve or Gastric Bypass costs either side of £10,000 and at the moment Gastric Sleeve is not offered by the NHS. I do not charge quite that much, firstly you can take off a nought from the end of the 10,000 and then some more.

  • Why have gastric surgery when you can have safe therapy?

  • Why have bypass surgery when you can do it all in your mind?

  • Why have gastric bypass surgery when you can be free of scars?

  • Why have sleeve gastrectomy when it costs so much?


Why have a surgical gastric bypass or sleeve operation when you do not have to have a general anesthetic, scars or pain?

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