Everything can be treated unless you were born with a disability.

We were born with certain programs, our heart beats for us whether we want it to or not. Our lungs breathe for us and our organs work for us.  We cannot ask our heart to stop beating, it just won't do it.


Over our lives, we create programs and some are exactly what we want and some are not. I’ve never had a client that wants to stop knowing how to drive, or ride a bike!


Programs that we have learnt can be ‘unlearnt’ and that is what we can do together.


Some of us learn from our parents or others, habits that we do not want. We all learn from copying and sometimes we copy things we wished we hadn’t. A fear of spiders for example. Being anxious is another.


If we are told we are not ‘whatever’ or are ‘whatever’ then we will believe it and a session or so with me will rub it out of your mind and we can replace with what you do want.


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