This site was recreated in February 2017 and I am starting anew with my testimonials.  All old ones from 2004 until the end of 2016 are now left behind and I hope you like my new and up-to-date compilation.


I went to Shimara in October 2016.

I had 12 years of being overweight and felt so stuck and incapable of changing my eating and relationship with food. I was debating a gastric balloon operation and decided to try hypnotherapy first. I was caught in a pattern of self-sabotage and self-loathing. Shimara helped me reset my mind regarding food. After the first session I left and threw the chocolate and cakes out and got on with reducing my weight. Within 8 weeks I was 2 stone (28 pounds) lighter! It's now May 2017 and I have kept the weight off and am still seeing Shimara.  Many unknown illogical thoughts and beliefs have been revealed to me through working with her. I don't know how it works but for me Shimara has been the answer to my prayers.

Jayne Drewett, Hastings


I suffer from really high anxiety, and driving has been a long issue for me in regards to wanting to get my freedom back on the road.  I have longed to drive like I used to and not panic.

Shimara said she would help me and we started to drive to the A21 were I can't even be be a passenger, let alone drive myself.  I panicked so much at the thought that I had to pull over and Shimara calmed me down.  We hadn't even left St Leonards.

Shimara did the therapy, and we went back out in the car.  I drove all the way to Kent Street before I turned round and took Shimara home.

I did have a slight bit of anxiety after passing the big school on the right, and Shimara told me how to deal with it.  I had not driven this far out of Hastings for over four years.  I know I'm getting my life back now

I've not been seeing Shimara for long, but already I have faith in her and can't thank her enough.  I would highly recommend her to help anyone, she is an amazing lady.

Elly Stevens, St. Leonards on Sea.
March 2017